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InsightsRadar: A Sales & Marketing Capability platform increasing your sales efficiency and reducing your costs

Sales & Marketing organizations need to focus more on how to build strong sales and marketing capabilities to beat the market.  InsightsRadar is a SaaS platform that helps you build a capability-driven sales enablement organization. 

Capabilities that engage and inspire your employees and customers

Raise the bar and gain advantage over competitors

A platform and framework for building a capability-driven sales enablement organization

We know from research, whatever modern sales methodology you have chosen, like Challenger Selling, Value Based, Co-Creation, Customer-Centric Selling etc.  your sales reps are most effective when we support them with a strong framework.

Still too many companies fail to develop their sales & marketing capabilities to drive performance. The InsightsRadar is an all-in-one platform that align structure and capabilities, raisin the sales efficiency. We can help you build strong and unique sales and marketing capabilities that makes a difference, when you sales reps are in the market to find, win and grow accounts

Sales & marketing capability solutions that engage and inspire


Building sales capabilities is not an expense, it’s an investment in differentiation, raising the sales reps bar and top-line growth. We help our customers build new  unique insights driven sales capabilities, that strengthens their sales reps to find, win and grow accounts. We also support sales organizations in their chosen sales methodology with unique customers insights and “designed to win” workshops.


The InsightsRadar is a next generation platform building B2B marketing capabilities supporting the sales organization. The InsightsRadar is an effective solution to get your own unique market insights, supporting sales in their pitches, meetings and workshops. Combining this with tailormade workshops, with customer insights can be described as a setup of the future, designed to win more. 


As a distributor, it can be difficult to get the amount of attention and activity you want from your partners. Your partners have their own plans, and probably more partners than just you. Perhaps  you have also been doing more or less the same activities through many years, an approach that is not really any different from your competitors. We build winning capabilities, improving your partners framework for growth.

Software supplier

To obtain success, software suppliers must adopt both an agile mindset and focus on realizing new and the right capabilities to win partners hearts and minds. Building a partner framework of B2B Sales & Marketing Capabilities is an opportunity for you to gain an advantage over competitors. Helping your partners being a part of your “winning strategy” will power execution processes.  

National company

Building sales capabilities are a source of competitive advantage. Especially, when you are in only  one national market, you need to focus on “what extra can you do”. How can you stand out in the crowd of options. How can you build strong B2B Sales & Marketing Capabilities, and use these in your approach to gain an advantage over competitors, be ahead, create and maintain consistent growth

international company

To optimize and achieve sales excellence you must focus on building a strong commercial operating model with the right balance in centralization versus decentralization. This means you need to build a foundation, where your sales teams across countries are effectively supported and can execute locally in a consistent and effective way. If you realize this, you will increase your organizations sales efficiency and reduce costs.

Study involving more than 15,000

“A former McKinsey benchmarking study involving 15,000 employees at more than 140 leading  companies, showed: Revenue growth at companies with more advanced marketing and sales capabilities tended to be 30 percent greater than the average company within their sector. Building sales capabilities is not an expense, it’s an investment in top-line growth. The business case is very attractive, with a ROI as much as five or ten times as much as the investment”

– McKinsey & Company

Embrace new ways of working

To me, the conclusion on Challenger & Insights Selling is correct: B2B companies selling complex products must challenge their customers. The salesperson of the future must to a much greater extent be a business consultant than a salesperson, and this places great demands on both them and the organization. To be able to challenge the customer, it requires specialized knowledge of the customer’s industry, challenges and potential solutions. However, it is only the few sellers who succeed on this type of sales on their own and who can create insight for customer meetings that drive sales forward.

– Christian Schönström Lund
   CBS Associate Professor, Sales Mgmt.

Challenger sælgeren vinder suverænt i B2B salget

Få valide tal på, hvorfor du som B2B leverandør, skal vælge Challenger Selling tilgangen, og undgå relations tilgangen, og de øvrige salgsprofiler. Challengers står for hele 54% af alle topperformers i B2B salget, relationssælgeren er på 4%.

B2B leverandører taber
+ 50% pga. manglende konsensus

80% af sælgerne oplever at der er flere stakeholders med i beslutningen. 75% siger de kommer fra forskellige afdelinger. Sandsynligheden for at miste salget er vokset markant, B2B leverandørerne står dårligt rustet.

Organizational Capability er det svage led hos de fleste B2B leverandører

"Det er lettere sagt end gjort". Vi ser ofte B2B Leverandører, der rådgiver/udfordrer deres kunderne uden de har skabt en stærk Organizational Capability som sælgerne kan læne sig op ad, og som gør sælgerne både bedre og mere effektive.

We are a new, innovative and cutting edge platform on delivering Organizational Capabilities to sales organizations. That's why we do not show much of the product itself on our website, but we will be pleased to present our solution to you.
We take our own medicine and offer you our InsightsRadar focusing on your Challenger Selling Organizational Capabilities.