Empowering Engagement. Unlocking Insights.

Stakeholder Engagement software that makes it easy to gather valuable data from a broad involvement of your own or your customers’ employees. The result is unique insights you can’t get any other way.

Stakleholder Engagement Yes

We unlock the transformative power of human capital

InsightsRadar provides a robust stakeholder engagement software that fosters meaningful interactions, dialogue, and collaboration between the most valuable asset in any organization – the people. 

By valuing and empowering human capital, we help organizations to identify potential areas for improvement and strategic focus, build stronger relationships with stakeholders, and be more dynamic and progressive.

Cepheo is reaping the full benefits of its human capital

The work with broad stakeholder involvement among potential customers has provided valuable insights, improved communication, and fostered greater ownership towards the project. For us, this has resulted in more effective solutions and increased trust among customers. Customers we wouldn't have acquired without InsightsRadar.

Pre-built assessments for every use case

Save time and get instant value with our +50 pre-built assessments. Use them as they are or customize them to fit your needs.

AI Readiness Assessment

Gain an understanding of employees’ perspectives on artificial intelligence – including concerns, potentials, and uncertainties.

Anchor the strategy

Is everyone in the company aligned with the strategy, understanding what it entails, and what it means for their work?

Internal projects ​

Ensure comprehensive employee involvement to gain new perspectives and foster stronger acceptance of changes.

Sharpen your sales skills

Gain an understanding of the customer’s risks, untapped opportunities, and areas for improvement that cannot be obtained in any other way.

How it works!

Create your assessment

Utilize our intuitive software to create your assessments, or start with one of the +50 pre-built assessments.

Collect responses

You can easily distribute your assessment and ensure broad participation from your own or your customers' employees.

Analyze your data

We provide you with comprehensive reporting featuring valuable insights you don't have today, along with employee reflections.

Attain actionability

With this data, you can identify risks, opportunities, and areas for improvement, enabling you to make better decisions.

InsightsRadar: Your Key to Success and Profitable Gains!

InsightsRadar not only provides extensive employee engagement but also opens the door to a world of positive and highly lucrative gains. Click on your role and be inspired to discover why InsightsRadar is indispensable.

Your role:

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Customers demand more

At external customer meetings and internal projects, the importance of effective involvement is on the rise. InsightsRadar paves the way for smooth dialogue with stakeholders, not only increasing the chances of success but also generating invaluable insights.

  • Complete Stakeholder Engagement: In sales or deliveries, InsightsRadar brings all stakeholders together in a meaningful way, creating valuable insights and promoting success.
  • Maximum Employee Involvement: Internal projects face challenges with limited employee involvement. InsightsRadar clearly demonstrates that increased employee involvement is the key to improved project implementation and sustainable anchoring.


InsightsRadar – Your Path to Optimized Experience and Success!

We are Innovative, Challenging, and Driven by the Future!

We are not just a team; we are ultra-dynamic powerhouses, always heading towards the next big thing. Stagnation is not an option for us, as in a world constantly in motion, our clients’ progress over the last 10 years speaks volumes.

We are obsessed with improving our technology and concepts – a constant flow for the benefit of our clients. For us, innovation is the key to success.

We embrace the challenge. We don’t just want to deliver; we aim to shake up our clients’ status quo and bring fresh ideas to the table. We are not just suppliers; we are passionate nerds in our field, inspiring, challenging, and supporting our clients throughout their journey towards their goals.

What Awaits You as a Part of Our VIP Family?

Connect with Your Own VIP Contact at InsightsRadar!

When you come on board as a customer with InsightsRadar, you don’t just get a contact person – you get your own VIP guide through the journey of success with Stakeholder Engagement. We invest time in understanding you and your needs, so we can be your most effective support on the path to positive results with InsightsRadar. We are not just suppliers; we are your partners in success!

Dive into our Treasure Chest of Branded Materials and Inspiring Articles!

We don’t just have a selection – we have a whole treasure chest of white-label materials and inspiring articles waiting to be explored. Use them internally to ignite the spark among employees or externally to share a dose of motivation with your customers. Create a wave of inspiration and positivity!

Dive into Our Fresh Inspiration: Articles, Trends, and "WOW" Sessions!

We’re not just up-to-date; we are your source for consistently inspiring content! Explore our latest inspiration articles and feel the pulse of the latest trends in stakeholder engagement. But wait, there’s more! Our “Inspiration Sessions” are like an energy booster, delivering the latest knowledge directly to you. Get ready to say “WOW” and be a part of our inspiration revolution!

This is what the customers has to say

Cepheo wins Customers with InsightsRadar Stakeholder Engagement software.”
With insights, Allborg Energie Technik strengthened decision confidence, making purchasing choices easier.


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