Devoteam: Stronger customer experiences with GAP Analysis and expanded stakeholder involvement

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18 countries, 8.000 employees


Denmark 300 employees

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Management and digital consultancy


GAP Analysis on stakeholders strengthens sales and the customer experience

Devoteam is curious in nature, with a strong focus on innovation and competence development, constantly with the goal of ensuring Devoteam is at the forefront of new technological opportunities and possible partnerships. Precisely this mindset was the starting point for Devoteam to choose InsightsRadar as a new initiative, to bring new knowledge and new thinking to customers.

The start of the collaboration with Devoteam was a desire to become even stronger in dealing with the stakeholders involved in the purchase from the customer’s side. Studies show that many projects in both the private and public sectors fail due to a lack of stakeholder management. If stakeholders’ support and contributions are not present or strong enough, the sale, project or goal is often never realized.

"n the old days, stakeholders were often equal to decision makers. Today, it is more the rule than the exception that you are facing 2 or more stakeholder groups, e.g. the decision makers, the steering / project group and the employees. We know that having the power to make the decision and complete the purchase is not in itself enough when we want an enriching and successful process, as well as changes that must last and create value in the long run. When we face several groups, and face everything from 10 + stakeholders, sometimes + 30 stakeholders, we recognized a need for new thinking"

Anders Hoffgaard, Business Director
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Handling a large customer plus 50 stakeholders

Devoteam’s beginning with the GAP Radar was aimed at a specific customer task, where Devoteam was facing an upcoming hackathon / workshop, and a wish from the customer’s management to involve 3 employee groups 1) Top management 2) Middle managers and 3) Other key employees, 50+ stakeholders in total.

Devoteam’s challenge was to gain deeper insights on the 50+ stakeholders. To achieve an updated picture of the customer’s reality today, through a broader and deeper insight into all the customer’s stakeholders, and thus establish a better starting point for achieving

  • A perfect overview of where there is consensus or mis-alignment on baseline (where we are today) between the 3 stakeholder groups.
  • What explanations and inputs do the stakeholders have regarding the red zones, as well as inputs and ideas for what we can do to improve ourselves
  • Better basis for creating a common understanding of what is “future direction” and what are “present tasks”
  • Increased clarity about which initiatives are must-win battles in the short and long term and which can be described as nice-to-have


Another need of Devoteam was also to respond to the very concrete trend in the increasing number of stakeholders, and try to convert this increasingly challenge into a new advantage for Devoteam. For Devoteam, the GAP Radar has been the starting point for creating a new “sales capability”, which means that Devoteam today at Stakeholder Management has a framework / concept for how stakeholder groups can be handled very effectively and nicely. Devoteam’s GAP Radar on Digital Maturity can also be easily shared with other countries, which means that if e.g. Devoteam Sweden wants to use the GAP Radar, we can easily create a Radar solution for Devoteam Sweden, and they will have a ready-made framework for stakeholder management.

At the same time, all data is consolidated in one place, still with country selection, which creates a new side benefit / advantage for Devoteam, because a new valuable insight is built up across countries, divided into customers and leads. An insight that can be used in sales, and directly in a thought leadership positioning, as most competitors cannot offer or present the GAP opportunity or insights.


Setting up GAP Radar

Because Devoteam had previously built a Digital Maturity Radar, it was easy to build Devoteam’s GAP Radar. Specifically, this meant that we spent a total of 1 day in relation to getting the GAP Radar in place, testing and driving it in position for the specific customer task. After this, the focus was on Devoteams and the customer’s communication to the 3 stakeholder groups, just to make sure everyone understood the purpose, was motivated and wanted to contribute seriously.

The broadcast to the 50+ stakeholders went through quickly, after which Devoteam continuously received automatic notifications of responses from the stakeholders, as well as an overall status that ensures Devoteam constantly had an overview.


Devoteam GAP-Radar

GAP Radar today has several areas of application for Devoteam.

  1. As a new part of the new sale. The GAP Radar has proven to be a strong door opener because the GAP Radar is innovative, relevant and makes Devoteam stand out from the crowd. It provides talk time, and at the same time the GAP Radar is a strong first step for a customer / prospect to take, because it is limited, has a high value and can / will bring new knowledge that affects the customer’s starting point and ambitions.
  2. Data / insight foundation for workshops, hackathons and project startups. GAP Radar’s unique strength in involving and engaging all stakeholders, and at the same time creating new insights that even the customer did not possess, has shown its strength, customers are excited, become even more engaged and the projects get the best possible start.


Today, Devoteam can easily perform GAP Analyzes on all types of customers. The whole framework is built up and it is easy to create a new customer with X number of stakeholder groups and employees. All data is consolidated in one place, Devoteam is continuously updated, and has easy access to data / insights and completed reports.

In addition to obtaining data on the individual customer, Devoteam Denmark will build a data consolidation that makes it possible to identify best practice and benchmark its customers against the Danish market.

Devoteam Analyse Radar

Devoteam has continuously recruited managers from their customers and leads to participate in Devoteam’s analysis focusing on Digital Maturity. This has already resulted in + 100 respondents, where the individual participating company gets the opportunity to get a report / insights about their situation, be benchmarked against the market, AND as a natural next step, the company (customer / prospect) can take a GAP analysis where all stakeholders are being involved. The ongoing consolidation of data in InsightsRadar gives Devoteam a new opportunity to use the collected insights to position itself as Thought Leader. This creates an opportunity, to position Devoteam even more towards cLevels in Danish companies, and and harvest the obvious benefits:

  • 81% of cLevels have greater confidence in and preferences for thought leaders – Edelmann).
  • 48% of cLevels state the thought leadership position as the reason for entering into a collaboration – Edelmann).

Devoteam Leverance Radar

Once Devoteam has completed a standard measurement or a GAP measurement on a customer, this will shape the customer’s Baseline, ie. where is the customer in the specific area today, what is the starting point e.g. on “Digital Maturity”. When the delivery is in progress, Devoteam can carry out a new measurement, e.g. 6, 12, 18 months later as part of the delivery, but also as a subsequent follow-up. With Delivery Radar’s measurements, data over time are compared and show the project’s development, do we move forward, do we stand still, are there some areas where we experience setbacks.

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