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Microsoft Dynamics 365 development and consulting company


New sales opportunities and higher customer satisfaction in a competitive market

DXC Technology is the only Microsoft CRM supplier in Denmark to carry out its own initial analysis of the CRM market with InsightsRadar. The analysis has provided new exposure, new collaboration opportunities as well as unique CRM insights that competitors cannot offer. With the analysis, DXC can offer companies new, relevant, local insights, to become a benchmark against the industry / market, and new knowledge about best practice. These insights are of high value to customers and prospects who benefit from DXC’s Thougth Leader position. Insights from the analysis are used e.g. at DXC’s Envisioning Workshop, which has become a “brand” in the market. DXC’s approach has opened new doors, for example to Copenhagen Business School and a collaboration with the industry organization, Dansk Industri.

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Low differentiation and well-informed customers make it difficult to become a Trusted Advisor

DXC needed an opportunity to differentiate itself better in a highly competitive market, where many provide solutions based on the same Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, and where both salespeople and consultants occasionally switch between suppliers. At the same time, both customers and prospects have become more qualified in the dialogue, they want to gain more concrete insights into their particular company and situation, and not just general figures from e.g. Gardener, Forrester or McKinsey.


Help with implementation and development of new type of GAP Analysis Workshop

In the collaboration, 2 focus areas were identified, namely to become Thought Leader at CRM in Denmark and the development of a new GAP Analysis and Workshop that offers customers insights into their CRM utilization at both management and employee level.


CRM Radar

DXC has developed a “DXC CRM Radar” in 2 versions. One that measures the Management / Steering Group within CRM and one that measures the employees’ everyday life within CRM.


With the Meeting Radar, DXC can at any time make measurements of the customer’s or prospect’s CRM level, strengths, weaknesses, where do they agree internally and where they do the customers stakeholders not agree in relation to CRM. Prior to a meeting, the individual salesperson can use the Meeting Radar to qualify the meeting, use the insights for better preparation and know where to focus on the meeting.

Workshop Radar

When DXC’s hold their own workshops or e.g. Microsoft’s Catalyst Workshops, DXC uses the CRM Radar to provide insights into the customer’s situation prior to the Workshop. The radar measures e.g. on both the management / steering group’s and employees’ views on CRM in relation to strategy, anchoring and success, and it is measured whether there is coincidence or large differences between the 2 groups, because it can present challenges for the CRM project’s success.

Market Analysis Radar

With its CRM Radar, DXC collects its own, unique, local insights on customers and leads. All data is collected centrally and accumulated over time. DXC chose to lean on InsightsRadar’s “Insights Eco-System”, which is a 2.0 model for how to recruit organically for the analysis through several channels. Data is collected using the CRM Radar at customer meetings, workshops and webinars. At DXC, direct recruitment takes place from the sales team and through selected consultants. In addition, DXC has connected 2 external people who recruit from companies that DXC does not have contact with yet. This targeted recruitment model also ensures that the right stakeholders in current customers and in relevant leads are involved. DXC does not have a reliance on the traditional analysis channels from marketing, where campaigns are widely used in newsletters and on LinkedIn. Over time, data accumulates and it becomes possible to identify Best Practice and conduct a benchmarking of customers and topics in relation to market averages. Here, DXC can seriously take and maintain a Thought Leader position.

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