Combine: strengthens Challenger approach with valuable insights and increases sales efficiency

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Consulting company that develops companies through digitization


Increased customer interest and increased sales efficiency

In a market where many suppliers are technology-heavy, Combine has managed to elevate the organization to be more data-driven, insight-driven and today challenges its customers on a deeper level. With an InsightsRadar on Digital Maturity, Combine has gained a unique insight into the market, but can also dive into the individual customer’s company and stakeholder group. Combine has achieved two major benefits 1) To strengthen sales by being stronger in challenging and advising customers 2) Positioning itself as a Thought Leader within business development digital solutions.

Today, Combine can with a deeper insight offer the customer new and “extra insights”, and for many customers “something completely new” they have not received elsewhere. For Combine, it is crucial to be able to document a baseline with the customer, with the involvement of employees from several levels. In addition to a broad involvement ensures a stronger commitment to the project, the baseline also provides a foundation where Combine can continuously present and document progress.

The new insights enable Combine to make a more precise statement about their target group’s challenges in digital business development, and about best practice in the area. In this way, Combine can also profile itself as a Thought Leader and strengthen both credibility and the framework in which sales work. Salespeople and consultants now use InsightsRadar on Digital Maturity to qualify for meetings, workshops and startups. The goal is always the same, differentiating, positioning and delivering insights as well as creating results that exceed customer expectations.

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We were looking for something that could help us "give something extra" to the customers

In a competitive market with many skilled competitors, where customers have difficulty knowing the difference between the different solution houses, Combine wanted to be able to differentiate itself better. The desire was both to be able to provide deeper insights on several levels, but also to be able to take and maintain a Thought Leader position in their market.

“We know the numbers, and are aware that 60% of customers do not trust the sales profession, customers spend less time on potential suppliers, in fact only 17% of their time in the buying process, and we also know that customers have a hard time seeing the difference on us and the competitors, where analyzes show that only 14% of the companies' unique benefits are perceived as unique. It takes something extra to differentiate strongly today. We have long been aware that it is incredibly difficult to build a real differentiation and build a great deal of trust and preference among customers and prospects. Customers have become more knowledgeable, critical and demanding, they will be advised in relation to their own specific situation. In order to meet customers and attract more new customers, we have had a strong focus on developing our own unique insights, both so that we can give customers a different offer of insights, both in the sales work but also continuously through delivery. We believe this is the way forward to be perceived as a Trusted Advisor”

Lars Bojer Kanstrup, CEO - Combine Tweet


Assistance in developing and implementing the first InsightsRadar

In collaboration with Combine, we developed the InsightsRadar on Digital Maturity. Combine is by nature strong digitally and technologically, so they were in a flash to use the InsightsRadar solution. Since then, Combine has run solo and driven the utilization of InsightsRadar and the possibilities in the solution, and among other things developed new InsightsRadars targeted new focus areas. Today, Combine works with 4 InsightsRadars aimed at different business areas and insight goals.


Digital Maturity Radar

Combine has developed a Digital Maturity Radar, which is built around 5 categories with a total of 27 measurement parameters. An analysis that aims to uncover a company’s digital maturity. Here, Combine also works with our “Responsive Evaluation”, which aims to involve and engage the participants, and subsequently recognize / reward special contributions.

Workshop Radar & GAP Radar

A Workshop Radar was developed to determine the customer’s Digital Maturity. The radar provides insights into the customer’s specific situation prior to the Workshop, so Combine’s sales and consultants already before the workshop have deep knowledge of the customer’s situation, knowledge of strengths and weaknesses in the customer’s “digital chain” and knowledge of the degree of consensus or non-consensus areas in the various focus areas. Insights that enables Combine to target efforts and more effectively help the customer reach its goals.

GAP Analysis

The GAP Analysis goes a step further and deeper, the GAP Analysis highlights the difference (the GAP) between a “customer’s current situation” and the “desired situation” of digital maturity. The big benefit of the GAP analysis is that Combine and the customer are motivated by the measurement to make some decisions about which gaps and untapped potentials should be focused on and in what order. The GAP analysis is an excellent basis for prioritization that helps everyone involved to clarify where time and resources should be invested to achieve the desired result.

Analyse Radar & Thought Leadership positionering

An InsightsRadar is also automatically an AnalysisRadar. With its Digital Maturity Radar, Combine continuously collects their own, unique, local insights on customers and leads from various activities. eg. from the direct recruitment of analysis participants, where Combine has activated a number of key employees in sales and delivery, who regularly invite participants. Data is also received from sales meetings, workshops and seminars as well as from external relations that help to invite to the analysis on behalf of Combine. This quickly leads to many answers, the accumulation of data has meant that Combine for the first time has a truly statistically valid market analysis. We call this Analysis 2.0. Combine has achieved a stronger positioning as Thought Leader and can now at customer meetings offer to benchmark the customer towards the market, can comment on Best Practice, and in addition Combine has started publishing its own articles and conducting seminars / events based on its own market data. .

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