Consultation: focus on anchoring and progress

Get help from experts

We know what it takes to be successful with InsightsRadar. We do it every day, we create really good experiences for our customers and their customers. You can choose our assistance in the areas where you need support. Either because it is more efficient to let us do it, or because we can teach your employees to use InsightsRadar in the best possible way. We are experts in “Sales Enablement”, we can strengthen the sales framework for you, ensure the anchoring internally and lift the entire sales organization.

Inspiring consultation adapted to your needs


We help you build one or more InsightsRadars within your selected business area (s). We ensure that the structure of questionnaires, categories, measurement points and KPIs is tailored to your business and market. We ensure that alle involved employees understand how to use the InsightsRadar in their daily work.

Stakeholder/GAP Radar

We can be responsible for briefing, creating the customer and the actual execution so we get data from the customer's / prospect's stakeholders. Subsequently, we send good visual reports and data to you in a directly presentable format that you can take to meetings, workshops, etc. We can take care of everything, or we divide the task between you and us. It's up to you.

Content Deliveries

The focus is on your positioning and differentiation in the market. We help consolidate your analysis data, prepare analysis dataparts, find exciting partners who will give you speaking time and exposure. We deliver content elements. The goal is to create a framework that ensures that you build a Thought Leadership position over a period of time.

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