DXC shortened the sales cycle and increased the closing rate



In general, customers find it challenging to distinguish between different products and suppliers. Interestingly, it’s not the company’s brand, product, or price that matters most; it’s the purchasing experience the customer has.

DXC’s target audience includes medium to large organizations, typically involving various stakeholders from management, sales, marketing, and service. DXC’s sales process engages multiple stakeholders and influencers with different priorities, needs, and motivations. Creating consensus through dialogues and workshops within a limited stakeholder group of 4-8 employees, without concrete documented data from other stakeholders and influencers in the organization, poses a significant challenge. This challenge introduces uncertainty and an increasing perception of risk for the customer, leading to prolonged sales cycles, conversions, and order sizes.


DXC has developed its own CRM GAP Assessment, measuring the baseline (where the customer is currently) and where the customer’s stakeholders and influencers believe they should be (the potential). By strategically using these data and insights, this data-driven approach has proven to have a significant impact on DXC’s sales process and an even greater effect on the customer’s experience and subsequent decision.

With their GAP Assessment, DXC can now reduce the time between the initial contact and the sale (closure) and is stronger than ever in their stakeholder management. This not only involves obtaining data from stakeholders but also data from the group of influencers that influences the stakeholder group’s recommendation, and ultimately holds the highest weight in the decision-making process. With GAP Assessments, DXC can document with concrete data and insights where the customer internally has consensus and lack of consensus, evaluating their performance as excellent, average, or unsatisfactory in the focus areas. Even better, the measurements always uncover untapped potentials and often highlight areas that perform poorly and are considered weak links in the customer’s “CRM chain.”

“DXC’s CRM GAP Assessment made it clear to us which areas we needed to focus on, and it has changed the framework for our upcoming CRM implementation. We are confident that it will make the implementation much more effective and ensure that the potential in our CRM solution is realized.”

Kristian Kaufmann, Manager at Dinex

About the customer

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