Make your meeting culture stronger, more productive, less stressing and less destroying

The consequences of a weak meeting culture affects both your costs & results

“We surveyed 182 senior managers in a range of industries: 65% said meetings keep them from completing their own work. 71% said meetings are unproductive and inefficient. 64% said meetings come at the expense of deep thinking. 62% said meetings miss opportunities to bring the team closer together” (Harvard Business Review).

A really good and telling headline from Harvard Business Review “Stop the Meeting Madness”, refers to the real consequences for teams and organizations. For all employees time is zero-sum, so when you waste time in non-effective meetings, every minute, every hour is time not getting something else done, that is equally essential for creativity and efficiency.  Research also  tells us that it is both stressing your employees and reducing their job satisfaction. Still few of us realize just how big the problem is.
As many as 80% see meetings as important to efficiency and progress, but 70% wants a better meeting culture. To improve your Meeting Culture, the first step is to make a baseline diagnosis of your meeting situation, identify your weak areas, your potential for improvement 

Knowing your baseline & spotting your red zones are critical to progresss

The “Meeting Radar” is a smart data collection and reporting solution. The categories and KPIs/Questions in the “Meeting Radar” are based on leading research, leading books and leading recommendations. After completion, you will have a 360 degree evaluation of your meeting culture baseline, presented in red / yellow / green zones.

The “Meeting Radar“, highlights your weak areas in your “Meeting Culture / Approach”, where do you lose time, lose productivity, how is your job satisfaction affected. You will get a detailed and strong documentation on your organizational and  department scores . The “Meeting Radar” leads you in the right direction to both unleash your potentials but also to execute on a lean mindset. A weak Meeting Culture has negative  effects on your: 
1.  P
2. Cost levels

You will also get a Consensus Report telling you:
“Where do your employees disagree about specific areas in your meeting culture / approach.  The Consensus Report will document, where are your employees, your organization not aligned. 


Meeting Radar: Unleash your potentials

1. Easy to conduct

The Meeting Radar provides you with unique links you can distribute to all or selected departments. Each employee will only have to spend around 10 minutes, after which the solution will handle data collection and report generation.

2. Baseline Report

“Meeting Radar” Data will be consolidated one place and visualized in different reports. Your baseline report shows  your red / yellow & green zones. Each red zone reflects a specific KPI e.g. “meeting preparation”. You will get an overview of your improvement potentials. 

3. Consensus Report

The Consensus Report shows where employees are not aligned and have different opinions regarding your meeting culture. To make progress and improve your results, you need to have consensus about your current situation / problems.

4. ROI

A survey published in Harvard Business Review showed a 42% increase in team collaboration, a 28% increase in performance. Respondents’ satisfaction with work/life balance rose from 62% to 92%. A great reduction on the time that has been wasted in meetings.

We are a new, innovative and cutting edge platform delivering InsightRadars identifying improvement areas.
We take our own medicine and offer you our Meeting Radar focusing on your Meeting Culture.

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