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Becoming data-driven in sales
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Who are InsightsRadar?

We are a Danish technology company that, since 2021, has been working on a state-of-the-art GAP assessment platform to help sales, consultancy, and delivery become smarter and more effective. We believe in utilizing cutting-edge technology. Join us on our journey to shaping the future with data-driven GAP Assessments.

Unlock the power of new Data and Insights

Unlock the power of stakeholder data and insights with GAP Assessments, get access to decision-makers, avoid stalled deals, and increase both your new business and account growth. With GAP Assessments, our customers achieve a consistent method for uncovering business opportunities at a high level.


Customers are more demanding than ever before

Nothing has changed more in sales in the last decade than prospecting and account growth. Getting meetings and bringing together the relevant stakeholders is more difficult than ever.

Buyers are hungry for unique insights and value about their business and for sales reps capable of acting as true business partners. Buyers are more sceptical, more stakeholders are involved, and they naturally resist change.

of buyers see the sales profession as trustworthy
of buyers emphasize trust as crucial to getting deals done
of deals don’t get lost to the competition, they result in “No Decision"

Data is increasingly crucial in sales

It’s no longer a question of whether being data-driven in sales is important. We know it is! A previous McKinsey analysis of how growth champions systematically empower sales reps with data, analytics, and technology showed the payoff to be above-market growth by 15 to 25 %.

In a State of Sales report Korn Ferry concludes, that sales organizations with a clear data strategy for their go-to-market efforts reported that 11% more of their sellers made the goal and they won forecasted deals 8% more of the time.
92% of buyers say they are more likely to consider a company when the seller shares data and insights relevant to their role in the buying process. By presenting relevant and unique insights, engaging stakeholders and decision-makers, sales reps will close opportunities faster. In fact, their sales cycles are more than 20% shorter (CSO Insights). 

Information that helps customers advance drivers ease and high-quality deals


Change in likelihood of purchase ease experienced.


Change in likelihood of high-value, low-regret deal.


GAP Assessments are strong unique insights, your customers' motivator to make decisions

88% of your buyers describe sales reps and consultants they ultimately do business with as “trusted advisors”. This is what we do for our customers and can do for you! When your sales reps and/or consultants er empowered with data-driven GAP Assessments, they are able to document and present an unsatisfactory status quo situation and attractive GAP opportunities for your customers and prospects. Data and insights are simply logical and concrete in a way that talking, questioning, gut instinct, and intuition are not. By removing the subjective elements from your customers’ and prospects’ decisions, you can reduce their perceived risk and strengthen their decision-making confidence. InsightsRadar GAP Assessments enable you to arm your sales reps and consultants to empower and facilitate the buyer’s decision-making.
GAP assessments help your buyers see a strong financial and emotional ROI case to justify their decisions and to make them feel safe.
The GAP Assessment is a crucial motivator for your prospects and customers to make decisions about which red, and yellow zones and open potentials to focus on and prioritize.

These GAP data are logical and concrete in a way that gut instinct and intuition are not.

By removing the subjective elements from your customers’ business decisions, you can instill confidence in their decision and give them a strong financial and emotional ROI to justify their decisions.
Besides reducing customers’ and prospects’ perceived risk, identifying GAP opportunities, and improving decision confidence our GAP Assessments will ALSO provide you with extremely strong stakeholder involvement, and strengthen internal support to the final decision-making. By effectively collecting quantitative and qualitative data on all stakeholders and influencers, you can present the full picture supported by the organization’s own data on showing a reality check ”where are we today” vs ”where should/could we be. You will also have exceptional documentation of customer potentials not yet exposed plus where the stakeholder group is aligned/not-aligned. This is a strong motivator for the stakeholder group and decision maker to make decisions about which gaps and open potentials to focus on and prioritize.
InsightsRadar will help your sales team to be effective top performers. Empowering your sales with ready-to-use data, analytics, in an state of the art technology platform. A platform that gives you the insights you need to stand out the crowd of competitors.

The other concepts

Involve Stakeholders

We are a world class stakeholder & influencer involvement solution. Lack of stakeholder alignment is the number 1 reason for ending in no decision, extended sales process, and reduced order size.

Decision Confidence

InsightsRadar's data-driven approach removes the subjective elements from the customers' business decisions, and foster true decision confidence. We help you reduce the risk and emphasize the opportunity.

GAP Opportunities

78% of B2B buyers with new business needs are open and just as likely to choose a new supplier as they are to stay with an existing supplier. With InsightsRadar you are guaranteed to find potentials not yet exposed.