This is how InsightsRadar works

How it works!

Create your assessment

Utilize our intuitive software to create your assessments, or start with one of the +50 pre-built assessments.

Collect responses

You can easily distribute your assessment and ensure broad participation from your own or your customers' employees.

Analyze your data

We provide you with comprehensive reporting featuring valuable insights you don't have today, along with employee reflections.

Attain actionability

With this data, you can identify risks, opportunities, and areas for improvement, enabling you to make better decisions.

What is an assessment?

With our Stakeholder Engagement
software, you will be able
to acquire insights about
the customer or your own
business that you wouldn't
otherwise have access to.
As a company, you can
become much more employee-
involved and data-driven in
your way of conducting
business, thereby achieving
fantastic results.
A broad involvement of
relevant stakeholders and
influencers provides a more
nuanced picture of the
customer's current and
desired situation.


An assessment is a questionnaire that identifies whether customers have challenges or opportunities in a specific area.


Assessments are created in InsightsRadar. You can start with the +50 ready-to-use assessments or create your own. Afterwards, it is sent to all relevant stakeholders.

Responses from assessments, derived from broad stakeholder involvement, provide valuable insights about your own or your customer’s business that you wouldn’t typically obtain.

You have the opportunity to gain insights from multiple clients, departments, etc., and can benchmark data.

Where Engagement Becomes Success and Results Become Exceptional!

InsightsRadar – Your hub for data-driven success through exceptional stakeholder engagement! We are not just a software company; we are your strategic partner in shaping a future where expectations meet results.

What makes us unique?

We make it easy for you to gather invaluable data from both internal and external stakeholders. With our unique assessments, we open the doors to a world of exceptional insights that not only improve but transform your company’s performance.


  • Engagement Without Limits: Involve employees and customers in a meaningful way that exceeds expectations. 
  • Create Illuminating Connections: Identify and bridge gaps between expectations and results to build stronger relationships.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Our +50 ready-to-use assessments help you shape targeted strategies and optimize your path to success.

What makes us indispensable?

  1. Magical Connection: We turn data into a magical connection between your business and its stakeholders.
  2. Inspiring Future: Create a future where you not only meet but exceed expectations with InsightsRadar.
  3. Strategic Excellence: Shape your strategy with precision and data-driven insights that position you at the forefront.