New client: Devoteam


Devoteam is a leading consulting firm in Denmark and internationally, focusing on digital strategy, platform technologies, cybersecurity, and business transformation. Devoteam is dedicated to turning clients’ business challenges into tangible business value and unlocking the true potential for change that most companies possess.

In its approach, Devoteam has a clear focus on highlighting a client’s risks, potentials, inefficiencies, and gaps. Each of these areas contains a positive business case in its own way. As a result of clients seeking increased decision confidence, Devoteam is now involving the client’s employees to a much greater extent. This is done by engaging stakeholders and influencers. Simply involving a broader audience has a positive impact on a project, but before the project lands, it’s about building decision confidence. The formula with the experiences of Devoteam’s skilled consultants, cases, new data/insights makes both Devoteam and the client stronger than ever.

Why is that?

“In a major sales study, the team found that 87% of all sales opportunities involve either a moderate or high degree of indecision among customers. And that’s problematic: As indecision increases, win rates decrease (Harvard Business Review).”

When Devoteam involves a wide range of stakeholders in the client organization, it strengthens both trust in Devoteam and in the business case. The psychological effect of broad involvement in the client’s own organization and new data on risks, opportunities, and gaps ensures increased belief in the project’s feasibility. Data is logical and concrete for the client in a way that gut instinct and intuition simply are not. So when Devoteam removes the subjective elements from their clients’ decisions, they enhance the client’s decision confidence, making it easier to commit to a specific business case, vision, or strategy without being overly concerned that the wrong decision has been made.

Welcome to Devoteam