New client: DXC Technology Eclipse


DXC Technology’s Microsoft Dynamics business in the Nordic region has chosen InsightsRadar’s GAP Assessments as their way to become more stakeholder- and influencer-inclusive, data-driven, and effective in both sales and projects.

Until now, DXC Technology has followed a traditional approach to sales, using clarification questions, workshops, phone calls, and emails to create clarifications, etc. An approach that worked in the “old days,” but is no longer sufficient today, where the number of stakeholders and influencers is increasing, and customers demand stronger business case data (only 16% of buyers believe that sellers are very effective in building and presenting business cases and ROI, according to Gartner).

Traditionally, DXC has engaged in dialogue with a handful of stakeholders. However, with InsightsRadar’s GAP Assessments, DXC can easily involve many more stakeholders and influencers, such as three departments with a total of 20, 30, 40, 50 stakeholders and influencers, or 200. This significantly strengthens the data foundation and brings new insights to the table, providing insights into inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and gaps, all of which represent opportunities for the customer. Not only does DXC appear more as a genuine trusted advisor, but customers will also experience significantly improved buying journeys.

Inclusive and data-driven sales are the future and a significant component of success in an increasingly competitive market. It is no longer a question of whether it is important to be data-driven in sales; we already know it is. The question is whether a company has acted on it! Analyses from sources such as McKinsey tell us that “the gain is over market growth by 15 to 25%,” and 92% of buyers say they are more likely to consider a company when the seller shares data and insights relevant to their role in the buying process.

By presenting relevant and unique data and insights derived from involving stakeholders and influencers, DXC Technology will become a trusted advisor and be stronger in creating a larger and enhanced pipeline, closing sales opportunities faster, and differentiating itself from competitors.

Welcome to DXC Technology Eclipse and Michael Weiss, VP Digital Industry Solutions, DXC Eclipse, Nordic and Eastern Europe.