Sales Capabilities


A McKinsey analysis documents that companies that manage to realize Sales Capabilities perform 30% better than the other companies in the same industry. 70% of C-levels say that “Capability Building” is among their company’s top-3 priorities.

Executive Summary

Sales enablement and sales capabilities, is about building a framework for the sales organization. A framework that is repeatable, makes it both easier, more motivating and efficient for the individual salesperson to perform better and higher.

In a sales department, 20-30% are typically the top performers. With the sales capability mindset and new thinking in InsightsRadar, we not only lift the 20-30%, but lift the 70-80% far more, so they take a quantum leap up against the best. With InsightsRadar you get 2 new great benefits in building Sales Capabilities.

  1. Two concrete options in A) Stakeholder handling B) GAP Analyzes that will strengthen your new business and more and upselling andCX
  2. Supporting existing disciplines where you will stand even stronger

This also means that implementing a technology like InsightsRadar supports and promotes the development you strive for in sales, for example if you practice Challenger Selling, Advisory Sales, Trusted Advisors etc. InsightsRadar is an Enablement and Sales Capability technology that is easy to initiate.

1. That’s why Sales Capability building should be top of mind

As the figures show, building sales capabilities is a source of enhanced competitiveness and future-proofing. And it is needed. CSO Insights emphasizes that salespeople on average only spend 32% of their time “actually selling”, and even generate 21.3% of the content they use in their work. It is an expression of lack of Sales Capabilities. A good example is the many new sales disciplines that place new and great demands on salespeople to advise customers, challenge customers and, if possible, co-create with customers. I guess this is where most salespeople will say “it’s easier said than done”. The fact for the vast majority of larger organizations is also that they have not realized the necessary Sales Capabilities, and therefore they lag behind in advising and challenging customers at the level they want.

2. Example: Challenger Selling, Insights Selling, Advisory Sales

Customers demand more from the sales organizations today, 53% of customer loyalty is linked to the experience they have with sales reps. This means that brand, product, price means less than the actual interaction with the seller. We also know that the decision maker’s most important criteria is the support of the stakeholder group and the stakeholder group’s most important criterion is the sellers ‘professionalism, the sellers’ ability to challenge them, educate them and enrich them with new insights.

PROBLEM. Today, when sales reps meet customers and leads, these sales reps have less time than before. Still, the more recent and widely used sales disciplines require sales reps to be more relevant, advise customers better, and challenge them. Take for example Challenger Selling. It is the fewest sales reps who manage to go out and challenge new customer prospects. They can challenge and communicate at area and industry level focusing on area knowledge, industry research and trends. How should these sales reps be able to challenge with insights at company and stakeholder level. The sales reps do not possess this insight, that’s why they can’t bring it to the prospects and challenge them at a high level.

BUT WHAT IF, a salesperson presents the customer with a new opportunity that is of great value to the customer. The GAP Analysis can involve all stakeholders and other groups and influencers and present an overall picture of the baseline (today), but also a picture of where the organization believes there is untapped potentials. Where do we have consensus about low levels and on potentials, where do we have a misalignment in our organization, and concrete elaborations where employees describe “why are we performing low here”, “why do we have potential here” etc. It creates a framework that provides the seller with a unique insight that even the customer does not possess. The sales rep can now to a much greater extent advise and challenge the customer, all the way down to a company and stakeholder level.

3. Rain Group: The fact is that most training do not change sales behavior 

In a Rain Group analysis, only 18% of sales organizations say that sales training has been effective in creating results and changing behavior. Sales training rarely changes behavior and from the “forgetting curve” theory, we also know that just after a few weeks, 80% is lost. Sales Capabilities is about building a framework that all sales reps can and must use and give them good inspiration and guidance in how to utilize the new framework. It will to a much greater extent ensure momentum and continuous progress in relation to the direction and behavior we want.

Korn Ferry describes in State of Sales “it’s not just about the top performers. It is more about the rest of the sales organization, the 80-90% of the people in sales”. In the example above, InsightsRadar ensures that all sales reps  have access to a uniform framework for how stakeholders are handled and how GAPs are identified. This basically means that the sales reps just have to be good at selling the idea to the customer, and then learn to understand how they interpret the new Radar Insights. Both tasks are very simple, but the sales reps will be strengthened in meeting a stakeholder group, presenting new insights, challenging the group, presenting new ideas and facilitating the group towards consensus, and removing any potential opponents and turning them into partners.

The good thing about working with Sales Capabilities through InsightsRadar is that we can at any time see if and how much the sales reps use the new Sales Capability framework. It makes it easy to follow up on, it is proactive and ensures momentum.

4. In larger organizations and / or international organizations, your ROI on InsightsRadar Sales Capabilities increases 

One of the main goals of Sales Capabilities is that salespeople do not build their own approaches, methods, analysis, etc., but all follow the same structure, streamlining and specialize in this particular framework. The figure below illustrates a Sales Capability consisting of 3 Radars, Salesforce CRM, Microsoft CRM and Google Cloud. The 3 Radars are made available to the sales organizations in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Everyone has the same approach, all data due to Radar use is consolidated in the individual country, but also across countries, which creates a strong Insights base, opportunities for benchmarking and the opportunity to identify best practice in the individual country and across countries.

5. InsightsRadar is an Enablement Technology

Contact us if you want to hear more about the opportunities of building Sales Capabilities for you. We have a great deal of knowledge and experience around Sales Enablement and building Sales Capabilities.

We specialize in the Sales Capabilities below, if you would like to hear our suggestions on how we can strengthen one of these areas with you, just contact us.

  1. Stakeholder Management
  2. GAP-Analysis
  3. Large Customer Acquisition
  4. Customer Retention / CX
  5. Delivery Insights & Optimization
  6. Thought Leadership
  7. Challenger Selling
  8. Partner Enablement
  9. CRM Insights Strengthening

Here’s how to get started

It’s easy and straightforward to get started

  1. You select the capability you want to focus on
  2. A GAP Radar is created on each of the areas
  3. A short introduction, inspiration and motivation training
  4. After this, you are ready and can realize the new opportunities

The price is a start-up and then a monthly license. You can run the stakeholder analyzes yourself, or you can get us to handle these. It’s easy to get started and inexpensive. We dare say that the entire investment has been repaid within max. 1 year, and you will probably get a very large ROI just like our other customers. The creation of Sales Capabilities is a key success factor in sales.

Get in touch with me, Søren L. Jensen at or call mob. 3035 8081

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