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All recent sales and marketing analyzes clearly show that B2B companies that make an extra effort to acquire their own insights at industry level, company leveland even down to the stakeholder group and the individual win significantly more than the competitors who do not, regardless whether measured on new sales or customer loyalty. The sales experience accounts for 53% of customer loyalty, and the benefit for salespeople who come up with new relevant insights, new ideas and perspectives is that they win 3X more often than companies in second place.

It requires new thinking in sales, and just new thinking is our fuel. When we know that only 14% of the companies’ so-called unique benefits are perceived by customers as both unique and beneficial, and at the same time that as many as 81% of cLevels have preferences for and greater confidence in companies that make an extra effort on insights, and for 48% of cLevels this is also the reason for entering into cooperation, YES, then we are convinced that we can help companies with the right mindset quite a lot.

InsightsRadar has roots in this development and we are making a difference. Today we have made companies for Thought Leaders that were not Thought Leader before. For many, we have realized their first own analysis based on Danish companies. Most interesting is probably our great revelation “The GAP Analysis”, which has proven to be of enormous value when it reveals the company’s various stakeholders / groups / departments’ assessment of “today” and “where should we be / what is our potential”. For several customers, and for many Danish companies, we have been the main reason why they have opened their eyes to completely new untapped potentials, but also because they have removed a number of destructive dis-connects / mis-alignments in the organization that have slowed progress. The strong involvement and commitment that the GAP Analysis has brought with it has been overwhelming, and must therefore today be said to be our own favorite. It helps our customers enormously, and helps their customers even more, and at the same time it is a niche we have built up and specialized in. But we can do much more than just the GAP Analysis. The applications on InsightsRadar are diverse.

Another absolutely great strength InsightsRadar possesses is that by virtue of its status as “Enablement Technology” it automatically has a natural and strong connection to Sales Enablement and building Sales Capabilities. Sales Capability building is also incredibly interesting to us, as we know from several analyzes that there are great gains to be made, e.g. we know from McKinsey that the revenue growth of companies with more advanced sales & marketing capabilities is 30% higher than the average company in the same industry.


The value of your own market insights is becoming more and more decisive for how much you win in sales and how high a loyalty you create. Today, it is no longer enough to create market insights, the best companies manage to create insights at company level and all the way down to the stakeholder group level and down to the individual stakeholder

Søren Lundsgaard Jensen


  • Concrete new thinking in relation to what you can do differently to become stronger in marketing / sales / delivery.
  • A full update for you and your department on the latest and relevant research that supports our new thinking, and is your “why” and inspiration for the company.
  • A completely new data base that not only strengthens marketing, sales and delivery, but also gives you strengthened insight into the market.
  • A simple and innovative solution that is suitable for all functions in the company, whether it is management, sales, marketing, etc.
  • A professional team that helps you get the most out of InsightsRadar.

We expect

  • A collaboration where both parties each take our responsibility to ensure that we achieve the desired results.
  • A positive and motivating collaboration, where together we create a good energy exchange.
  • A collaboration where you allocate the necessary resources so that you can get the most out of the platform.