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Unique Insights make you stronger and more interesting

The sales experience accounts for 53% of customer loyalty. Only 14% of companies ’so-called unique benefits are perceived by customers as both unique and beneficial. Salespeople who come up with new relevant insights, new ideas and perspectives win 3X more often than companies in second place. It requires a new thinking, a new adjusted mindset. With InsightsRadar’s stakeholder management and GAP measurements, you send a signal that you are an innovator and willing to go the extra mile that strengthens the customer, makes you stronger and ensures you both better results.

Valuable insights are our DNA

The uniqueness of InsightsRadar

Stakeholder Inclusion

80% in sales are experiencing an increasing number of stakeholders among customers. Decision maker's criteria # 1 is a GO from the stakeholder group. InsightsRadar is unique in involving and bringing together the stakeholder group.


Identifying GAP Potentials motivates the customer to make decisions about which GAPs and untapped potentials to focus on and in what order. The data and stakeholder involvement are unique.

Challenge Status Quo

Sales must challenge customers on why the status quo is no longer good enough. InsightsRadar identifies and documents where the customer is weak, and requires action, to avoid falling behind.

Involve & Engage

Lack of stakeholder involvement is a primary reason for failure, both in sales and delivery. InsightsRadar has a unique and motivating involvement. Focusing on potential gaps, why and what to do, works.


81% of cLevels have more confidence in Thought Leaders, 48% state this as a reason to enter into collaboration. Customers do not see a significant difference in suppliers.

Sales Capabilties

Companies with Sales Capabilities perform 30% better than the other companies in the same industry. InsightRadar is a sales capability solution, especially suitable for large organizations.

Where can InsightsRadar help you

Newbiz & Growth

New thinking is needed, when 60% of customers do not trust the sales profession, and only spend 17% of their time in the buying process on meeting with potential suppliers. The GAP analysis is unique, it documents the potential GAPs and has a high level of involvement from all relevant stakeholders.

Customer Retention / CX

Customer experience accounts for 54% of loyalty. 86% will pay more for better customer experience. The GAP analysis ensures stakeholder involvement, a new insight into the customer’s potentials. The GAP documentation draws up the business case, and is supported by data and visualizations.

Market Analysis 2.0

Customers have preferences for insights. General insights are good, but why not create your own market insights, and offer the customer insights on the customer’s own organization. 81% of cLevels have more confidence in Thought Leaders, and are willing to pay more to collaborate with them.

Stakeholder Management

With the GAP Analysis, you effectively involve all relevant stakeholders, gain a deeper insight into  Gaps and untapped potentials. It takes very little time to get involved, everyone assesses “where are we today”, “where do we want to be”, comments is recognized and some rewarded for crucial input

Project Delivery

Many projects do not reach the goal, studies show + 60% fail. One of the main reasons is a poor involvement of stakeholders and the organization, upfront and continuously. With Baseline and GAP Analysis, InsightsRadar  ensures high involvement and a new more proactive risk management

What our customers say about us


In a recognition that loyalty are directly linked to the customer experience, Combine has succeeded in creating a new way of thinking in sales, which customers have welcomed

The GAP analysis has been an eye opener for DXC. New benefits in sales, new differentiation, increased stakeholder involvement and engagement

Devoteam has introduced a brand new GAP Radar that strengthens stakeholder mgmt. involvement. The results have been overwhelming and well received by customer

We use the platform

4 simple steps to help you all the way

We ensure a good introduction and start-up, which requires very little time and resources from you. The most important thing is that your mindset is present and that you want to become more skilled. You also get a full update, a training of your employees on A) The latest trends in sales, B) Effective meetings with the new customer 2.0, and C) What do the best in sales do (those who are both most efficient and win the most). InsightsRadar is by no means a difficult solution to understand or work in, as long as you want to unlock your untapped potentials and be better at challenging and advising your customers.

1. GAP Analysis on you? (20 min)

  • GAP analysis of your sales, new insight into where you stand weak and have potential for improvements
  • Where do you have consensus, and where do you have mis-alignment in relation to weak areas and potentials
  • Associated comments and reflections on you challenges and the potentials identified
  • Baseline insights, consensus creation and a strengthened basis to create a more effective and more skilled team

2. Inspiration, Trends & Theory (30 min)

  • eLearning A) Latest sales trends B) Effective meetings with the new customer 2.0 C. What makes the best in sales.
  • Introducing the new opportunities InsightsRadar brings you
  • This is how you can achieve 30% improvements in your sales according to Mckinsey

3. Building your InsightRadars

4. Start-up

  • Introduction to using InsightsRadar (for ordinary users pure eLearning + internal workshop)
  • Start-up with internal testing, review of results, pitch / presentation and questions
  • For admin, there will be approx. 2 hours of training, and you still have the opportunity to make us take the Admin role